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We specialise in fishing the Gold Coast’s beautiful Broadwater and offshore fishing tours.  From families and beginners to expert anglers alike , this area has something for everyone.  The Broadwater with its calm water and abundant marine life , is perfect for a family fishing trip or a more focused trip, chasing Jacks, Flathead or Jewfish. The scenery is ever changing, from million dollar waterfront homes, to the untouched Mangrove creeks.  The diversity of marine life in this estuary system is staggering. The Broadwater is home to a large array of Fish, Sharks, Rays, Dolphins, Crabs and even Dugongs.

I have over 25 years of local fishing knowledge; being the owner operator, I pride myself on providing the best possible experience for my clients.

Our 6.6 metre custom built boat is fast and comfortable , with a maximum of 5 guests on a calm-water trip and only 3 clients when we go offshore fishing, you will have plenty of room to move .

All tours can be customised around your needs.

Bream fishing on the Gold Coast is popular. We get Black Bream, yellowfin Bream and Tarwhine Bream. These hard fighting fish are found all throughout the Broadwater, although they prefer rockwalls, canals , jetties and weed banks. Not a fussy eater, they will have a go at any well presented bait. Their size limit is 25cm minimum, with a bag limit of 30.

Flathead fishing on the Gold Coast is very good all year round with spring time being the time when most of the biggest fish are caught. Although monster Flathead over 100cm are possible all year round. Drifting with the current dragging live or fresh bait along the bottom, bouncing large soft plastic lures or slow trolling hardbodied lures is the way to catch them . The minimum size of a Dusky Flathead is 40cm with a maximum of 75cm and a bag limit of 5 per angler .

Jewfish (Mullaway) can be successfully targeted using a variety of methods. Lures, both hard bodies and soft plastics work great, plus fishing with fresh and live baits. Targeting Jewfish requires time and dedication, often feeding at night, these fish can grow huge, they fight really hard and are the undisputed Kings of the estuary with a minimum size of 70cm !

Mangrove Jack: Fishing for Mangrove Jack on the Gold Coast is a game of dedication, perseverance, heartbreak and triumph. Most hooked fish are lost straight back into the snag they came out from. Pound for pound the strongest fish in the estuary and landing these big red brutes is a real achievement worthy of the effort. Deep diving lures, big soft plastics and live bait is the go for these red beasts .

Whiting : Whiting fishing on the Gold Coast is a great way to spend some time, these great eating fish fight hard for their size. They love soft baits like worms and prawns and will readily take a small soft plastic lure or a small popper worked over the shallows.

The size limit is 30cms with a bag limit of 30 per angler .

Other commonly caught species include Flounder, Trevally, Tuskfish, Queenfish, Leatherjacket, Snapper and Tailor.

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Offshore fishing tours

Snapper fishing on the Gold Coast.  Chasing big Snapper or “Nobbies” as they as known up here, is one of my favourites. Slowly sinking a lightly weighted fresh bait down towards the reef, attempting to it make its look as natural as possible on its way down.

Big Snapper fight really hard, making strong runs and big head shakes. The minimum size is 35cm with a bag limit of 4 per angler .

Marlin Fishing.  Over the summer months, the Marlin fishing off the Cold Coast is world class. Arriving with the warm northerly currents, huge numbers of juvenile black Marlin arrive off our coastline.

Their speed, strength and their incredible aerial displays, repeatedly jumping when hooked is why these fish are famous. Holding a fishing rod , that has a running, jumping Marlin on the other end is an unforgettable fishing experience.

We target them by trolling a “spread” of surface lures above know reefs areas or areas known to attract Marlin .

The anticipation grows as we wait for a strike and the scream of the reel .

Another method we use is to pin point bait fish schools on the sounder, stop the boat and drop weighted live baits down into the school and very slowly idle around the baitfish.

These techniques often produce multiple hook ups.

About the Skipper

I have always loved fishing, so early on, I decided to make a career out of it.  Straight after High School, I enrolled and studied full time at the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania and began my career on the water .

I have been very fortunate; my career has taken me to some of Australia’s most beautiful, remote and productive fishing locations.

I love the outdoors and anything with a bit of adventure in it.

Check out some of my adventures on Tik Tok – over 10 million views so far with plenty more adventures to come. We will be doing some live feeds during our trips so you can get into the fun.


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